Pecan Butter & Cinnamon Overnight Oats 碧根果仁醬肉桂隔夜燕麥

cinnamon overnight oats pecan butter

It’s October! Time for some autumn indulgence🍂🍁Try this Pecan Butter & Cinnamon Overnight Oats which is soooo easy to make! We didn’t add any sweeteners but used a ripe banana for the sweetness you will need 開始入秋但天氣都仲係好熱,呢個碧根果肉桂隔夜燕麥 (Overnight Oats) 有秋天氣息之餘🍂食落涼浸浸,最啱而家呢個天氣食!而且健康得嚟又夠香,仲完全冇落糖,甜味就係來自一隻熟香蕉🍌所以食落微甜又夠清新唔肥。而且超級容易整,前一晚準備好,第二朝起身整3分鐘就有得食! Ingredients:Instant Rolled OatsOat MilkGround CinnamonPecan ButterBananaFigGranola Method: The night before: Place oats in a bowl and pour oat milk until it has just covered the oats, refrigerate it overnight In the morning: Smash half a banana into the oats, stir well. Slice the other half of banana and cut up the figs. Top your overnight oats with fruits, add a...

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Almond Butter Granola 杏仁醬Granola

Granola always tastes best when it’s fresh, so why not make your own granola at home🙌🏻 This Almond Butter Granola is super easy to make and takes only 10 mins to prep. Using Almond Butter does not only make your granola healthier (as you will need less oil), it also makes it crisp & clumpy! Granola一定是新鮮的最好吃,在家自製granola不但能省錢,而且更健康更美味!這款杏仁醬granola做法非常簡單,準備時間不用10分鐘。而使用杏仁醬做granola除了能大大增添香味,又會較健康(因為可以減少用油),而且杏仁醬能令granola更脆,口感更佳!   Ingredients 材料: Rolled Oats 燕麥片 300g克 Chopped Almond 杏仁 (切碎) 100g克 Ground Cinnamon 肉桂粉 1/2 tsp茶匙 Sea Salt 海鹽 1/4 tsp茶匙 Almond Butter 杏仁醬 80g克 Maple Syrup 楓糖漿 100g克 Coconut Oil 椰子油 50g克   Method 做法: 1. Preheat oven to 160C 預熱焗爐至攝氏160度 2. In a large bowl, combine rolled oats, almonds,...

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Blueberry Banana Almond Butter Smoothie 藍莓香蕉杏仁醬果昔

We love having smoothies for breakfast, especially on busy days! And this blueberry almond butter smoothie is absolutely our all-time favourite – you just can’t go wrong with the blueberry & almond butter combo! 果昔 (Smoothie) 是我們最愛的早餐選擇之一,特別在比較忙的日子,甚至可以一邊工作一邊喝。而這款藍莓香蕉杏仁醬Smoothie更是我們的至愛 – 藍莓及杏仁醬這個配搭超級美味的! To make it more filling, we have added some rolled oats. Adding almond butter also makes you feel full longer as almonds can help to regulate and reduce rises in blood sugar. To add more nutrients, we have added chia seeds to the smoothie, you can also add flax seeds, hemp seeds or other superfood you have. 為了令這個果昔更飽肚,我們加了燕麥片。而加入杏仁醬更可以延長飽肚感覺,因為杏仁能有助控制血糖上升。為加入更多營養,我們同時加入奇亞籽,你亦可以選擇加入其他超級食品去補充營養,例如亞麻籽、大麻籽等等。   Ingredients材料: Frozen...

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Mashed Tofu Salad with Spinach (Shiraae) 涼拌菠菜豆腐 ほうれん草の白和え

Shiraae白和え is a very popular traditional Japanese side dish, which is seasoned mashed tofu mixed with vegetables. Shiraae is served chilled and has a light and refreshing flavour, making it a perfect summer dish! It is also super easy to make, we are only mixing the tofu with spinach this time, but you can replace/add more veg if you wish to, such as carrots, konnyaku, edamame, hijiki, kale, etc. The traditional way is to use sesame paste by grinding the roasted sesame seeds, but we love to substitute it with peanut butter for a stronger nutty flavour (and less effort...

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Japanese Curry Rice with Peanut Butter 日式花生醬咖喱飯

When cooking Japanese curry, I always add some 隠し味, i.e. hidden flavours, such as apple puree, mayonnaise, katsu sauce, chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter is a very popular choice too! It helps to enhance the flavour of curry, especially when you are making your curry with curry roux which tastes quite bland. Try adding a spoon of peanut butter to your curry next time and you will be surprised!  日本人煮咖喱時,一般都會加一些「隠し味」,即是隱藏的味道。常見的材料包括蘋果蓉、蛋黃醬、豬排醬、朱古力或咖啡等等,而花生醬亦是其中一款很受歡迎的配料!加入這些隱藏味道可以令咖喱味道更豐盛及有層次,特別是使用咖喱磚時,味道一般比較單調,只需加入一大匙花生醬已令香味大大提升,下次煮咖喱時不妨一試呢! Ingredients 材料 Chicken Thigh 雞腿肉 2pcs 片Carrot 蘿蔔 1pc 條Onion 洋蔥 1pc 個Curry Roux 咖喱磚 half box 半盒Peanut Butter 花生醬 1tbsp 湯匙  Method 做法 1.  Slice chicken thigh, carrot & onion into chunk...

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