Strawberry Daifuku with Cashew Mascarpone 士多啤梨腰果芝士大福

It’s strawberry season! 🍓 Try this Strawberry Daifuku (Mochi) with Cashew Mascarpone filling instead of red bean paste for a lighter, nuttier and more refreshing flavour 🤤 it’s not as sweet too! We know this combo might sound adventurous, but trust us, we immediately fell in love with it after the first bite🤩



.Strawberries 4 pcs
.Shiratamako 白玉粉 (Japanese Glutinous Rice Flour) 70g.
.Caster Sugar 上白糖 10g
.Water 85g
.Corn Starch

For the Cashew Filling

.Cashew Butter 45g
.Mascarpone Cheese 45g
.Caster Sugar 1.5 tsp


  1. Prepare the filling – mix cashew butter, mascarpone cheese & sugar. Divide mixture into 4 parts and roll into balls. Keep it in the fridge.
  2. Prepare the mochi – mix shiratamako, sugar & water. Steam it for 10 mins.
  3. Cover plate/chopping board with corn starch and pour the cooked mochi on top. Sprinkle more corn starch on the mochi and your hands – to prevent the mochi from sticking to your hands. Divide the mochi into 4 parts and spread it out.
  4. Place the cashew mascarpone ball onto the mochi sheet, wrap it and pinch the mochi edge to close it. Roll it to a round ball shape.
  5. Snip the mochi top with scissors and place strawberry. Done!


.士多啤梨 4粒
.白玉粉 70克
.上白糖 10克
.水 85克
.粟粉 適量


.腰果醬 45克
.Mascarpone芝士 45克
.上白糖 1.5茶匙


  1. 預備內餡 – 將腰果醬、mascarpone芝士及糖混合。分成4份並搓成球狀,放入雪櫃備用。
  2. 預備大福皮 – 將白玉粉、糖及水拌勻,蒸10分鐘。
  3. 於碟/砧板灑滿粟粉,倒上已熟粉漿,並於粉團上及兩手灑上粟粉防黏,將粉團分為4份並用手壓平。
  4. 將腰果餡置於大福皮上包好,用指尖掐緊封口,輕輕搓成球型。
  5. 用剪刀將大福對半剪開 (不要剪斷),放入士多啤梨即成。