What is the shelf life of your nut butters?
The best before date of our nut butters is 9 months from production date. Once opened, consume as soon as possible for the freshest taste.
Do I need to put the nut butters into the fridge after I have opened it?
No, we don’t suggest refrigerating them as they will become difficult to spread. We recommend storing the nut butters in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
There is a layer of oil on top of my nut butters, should I pour it away?
No, do not get rid of the oils! Oil separation occurs in natural nut butters, this is the oils from the nuts and it serves as a natural preservative. We recommend stirring the jar and mixing the oils back with the nut butters each time (otherwise it will get hardened at the bottom).
I did not stir my nut butters and the bottom part has become hard and difficult to  spread, should I just bin it?
No, you can still use it for cooking and baking, for example, cook it with oatmeal, blend it with fruits & almond milk for smoothies. You can even make overnight oats in the jar with the remaining nut butters!
I want my order sooner, what can I do?
We normally dispatch within 1 – 2 business days after you have placed your order, but it could take up to a week if your item is out of stock (which does not happen very often!). Send us a message if you need them urgently and we can see what we can do. We can even sometimes do same day delivery!
我們一般會在你下單後一至兩個工作天內發貨,但如果該項產品暫時缺貨 (雖然不常發生),可能會需要一個星期後才會發貨。如果你需要更快收到貨品,請告訴我們,有時我們甚至可以安排即日送到!
Can I send you back the used bottles for recycling?
We do not currently reuse our bottles unfortunately due to logistics and hygiene concerns (especially with the heightened coronavirus situation). You can consider donating your jars to zero waste grocery, or check out our instagram for some reuse inspirations on our instagram highlight "Reuse"!
基於衛生及物流上的考慮,我們現時未能回收玻璃瓶。但你可以考慮把用完的玻璃瓶捐贈去無包裝商店,或者可以到我們的Instagram Highlight "Reuse"欄目獲取一些重用玻璃瓶的靈感。
Can I order nut butters as wedding favours?
Sure! We take batch order for weddings and cooperate events. Please contact us at info@thenuttercompany.com for details.