Information on Gelato delivery 雪糕送貨注意事項

🛎 雪糕會以順豐冷運送到提供冷凍自取服務的自取點,購買時請於地址欄填寫自取點編號

🛎 設有冷凍自取服務的順豐自取點如下:

- 順豐站:

🛎 為保障溫度控制,雪糕不設送上門服務,請勿於地址欄填寫上以上網址列出以外的地址或編號。

🛎 雪糕及果仁醬將分別使用冷運及常溫速遞服務,因此,如需同時購買果仁醬及雪糕,請分開兩張訂單訂購。

- 出貨後,客人會收到電郵通知,並可查閱順豐運單號追蹤貨品運輸狀況,貨品抵達自取點後,客人將收到順豐SMS通知,並請按指示盡快前往領取,雪糕會以保溫袋包裝後以紙箱運送,領取後能保溫約15分鐘,因此請客人領取後盡快將雪糕保存於-18°C冰格內。

🛎 Our gelato will be delivered via SF Express to SF Express network points with cold chain service, please fill in the SF code as the address when filling out the shipping information.

🛎 SF Express network points with cold chain service are as follows:

- SF business stations:

- SF stores:

🛎 We do not currently offer to-door delivery as temperature controlled delivery is not guaranteed, please do not fill in any addresses other than SF Express network points with cold chain service.

🛎 Gelato and nut butters are dispatched and delivered separately. If you are purchasing both gelato and nut butters, please make two separate orders.

🛎 Once the order has been dispatched, you will receive an email notification from us with the tracking details. You will then receive another SMS from SF Express once your package has arrived at the SF Express network points, please follow the instructions from SF Express and pick up your gelato at your earliest convenience. We will pack your gelato in a cooler bag with a carton box as the outer packaging, which can maintain the temperature for up to 15 minutes only, please put the gelato into the freezer as soon as possible once the order has been picked up.


Information on Nut Butters delivery 果仁醬送貨注意事項

(i) 買滿$350 For Orders Above $350

Your delivery fee is on us! 

(ii) $350以下的訂單 For Orders Below $350

Delivery fee of $30 will be charged upon checkout.



Most orders will be dispatched within 2 business days 

Delivery will take 1-2 business days for Hong Kong addresses and 2-3 business days for Macau addresses

Our business days are Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays
我們的工作日為星期一至五 (公眾假期除外)