This Chia Oats recipe is packed with nutty flavours with an amazingly creamy and rich texture thanks to the greek yogurt, nut butter and chia seeds🤩 Of course it’s very nutritious too!

Here we used our Smooth Peanut Butter 🥜 for the Chia Oats, it’s soooo satisfying together with the creamy oats, and the toppings made it even more indulging😍 an extra spoon of peanut butter🥜greek yogurt, bananas🍌the granola we made before (you may refer to our previous granola recipe) 🥣 some cocoa powder and a small piece of chocolate🍫🤤 it will definitely brighten up your morning! ☀️



.Rolled Oats 50g

.Nut Butter 1tbsp

.Greek yogurt 40g

.Maple Syrup 2tsp

.Almond Milk 110g

.Chia Seed 0.5 tbsp

.Granola (may refer to our previous granola recipe)



.Cocoa Powder



  1. Mix almond milk, peanut butter, greek yogurt & maple syrup in a container, add oats & chia seeds and stir well.
  2. Cover the container with a lid or cling film,  refrigerate overnight.
  3. Add toppings before serving, e.g. extra spoon of nut butter & greek yogurt, granola, fruits, cocoa powder, chocolate, coconut flakes, etc.



.燕麥片 50g

.果仁醬 1湯匙

.希臘乳酪 40g

.楓糖漿 2茶匙

.杏仁奶 110g

.奇亞籽 0.5湯匙

.Granola (可參考我們做過的Granola食譜)






  1. 於容器中倒入杏仁奶、花生醬、希臘乳酪和楓糖漿並徹底混合,加入燕麥片和奇亞籽,拌勻。
  2. 將容器蓋好或以保鮮膜密封,冷藏一晚即可食用。
  3. 食用前可加入自選配料,例如額外的果仁醬和乳酪、Granola、水果、朱古力粉、朱古力、椰子片等等。