Nut Butter Frozen Yogurt Bark 果仁醬冰凍乳酪片


This is simply DELICIOUS🤤🤤 It’s like having a guilt-free frozen dessert, yet it’s so light and refreshing with a touch of nutty flavour that makes it even more satisfying😍 You only need 3 ingredients plus some toppings, and it only takes 5 mins to make, what are you waiting for🤩

P.S. Store the nut butter frozen yogurt bark in a box in the freezer, and grab a piece whenever you crave for some frozen treat❄️



.Greek yogurt 200g

.Nut Butter 60g

.Maple Syrup 20g

.Granola (may refer to our previous granola recipe)




  1. Mix greek yogurt, nut butter & maple syrup until well combined. 
  2. Line tray with partchment paper, pour nut butter yogurt mixture and spread evenly.
  3. Scatter granola & berries on top.
  4. Place in the freezer until it is completely frozen. Cut it into pieces with a knife.



.希臘乳酪 200g

.果仁醬 60g

.楓糖漿 20g

.Granola (可參考我們做過的Granola食譜)




  1. 將希臘乳酪、果仁醬和楓糖漿拌至完全混合。
  2. 在平盤放上牛油紙,倒入(1),平均地鋪在盤中。
  3. 於乳酪面放上Granola和水果,然後放入冰格至乳酪完全變硬。
  4. 將冰乳酪切件,即可食用。