Mashed Tofu Salad with Spinach (Shiraae) 涼拌菠菜豆腐 ほうれん草の白和え

Shiraae白和え is a very popular traditional Japanese side dish, which is seasoned mashed tofu mixed with vegetables. Shiraae is served chilled and has a light and refreshing flavour, making it a perfect summer dish! It is also super easy to make, we are only mixing the tofu with spinach this time, but you can replace/add more veg if you wish to, such as carrots, konnyaku, edamame, hijiki, kale, etc. The traditional way is to use sesame paste by grinding the roasted sesame seeds, but we love to substitute it with peanut butter for a stronger nutty flavour (and less effort :P).



Momen Tofu (Firm Tofu) 木綿豆腐 – 1/2 pc
Spinach 菠菜 – 1 pack
Crunchy/Smooth Peanut Butter 粗粒或幼粒花生醬 – 1tbsp湯匙
Miso 味噌 – 0.5 tbsp 湯匙
Sugar – 1 tsp茶匙
Soy Sauce 醬油 – 1 tsp 湯匙


  1. Drain the tofu – wrap it with kitchen paper and put some weight on it, leave it for 15-20 mins. 去除豆腐水份 用廚房紙包好豆腐,然後上面放上重物,放置15-20分鐘。
  1. Wash and boil the spinach. Drain and squeeze the spinach to remove the water thoroughly. Cut the spinach into 3cm long.洗淨及煮熟菠菜。瀝乾菠菜並徹底扭乾菠菜水份。把菠菜切成3cm小段。
  1. Take the tofu out and crush it. 取出豆腐搗碎。
  1. Mix peanut butter, miso, sugar and soy sauce. Add them to the crushed tofu. Mix well. 混合花生醬、味噌、糖及醬油,加入豆腐並拌勻。
  1. Add spinach to the tofu and mix well. Ready to serve! 把菠菜加進豆腐,拌勻即成!

Tips 貼士:

  1. You can use soft tofu instead, the salad will have a softer and runnier texture. 可以用絹豆腐取代木綿豆腐,質感會比較軟滑及稀。
  1. You can use other nut butters, we also tried using almond butter and it tastes just as amazing也可以使用其他果仁醬,我們試過用杏仁醬效果亦很出色!