Green Smoothie with Almond Butter 杏仁醬綠果昔

Ready to get your summer body? Try this refreshing kale smoothie recipe which tastes so amazing that you won’t notice the bitterness of kale - the key is to add banana for sweetness and almond butter for creaminess & a touch of nutty flavour. Almond butter is also a great source of protein & healthy fats, making this smoothie a perfect breakfast that makes you stay full till lunchtime!

天氣開始變得和暖,又是減肥的季節了!聽說Green Smoothie能排毒,但又怕很難喝?那你一定要嘗試我們這個超好喝的Green Smoothie食譜,不但不會有草青味,而且香甜順口,喝下去不看顏色也不知道是Green Smoothie呢!這個食譜的重點就是加入香蕉增加甜味,以及加入杏仁醬令Smoothie喝下去更順滑,而且堅果香氣亦有助蓋過羽衣甘蓋的草青味。杏仁醬同時亦能提供豐富蛋白質及好脂肪,非常適合作為早餐享用,喝一杯已足夠讓你飽至中午!

Kale 羽衣甘藍 –25g
Oat Milk
燕麥奶 – 250ml
Frozen Banana
冷凍香蕉 – 1 pc
Almond Butter
杏仁醬 – 1 tbsp 湯匙

Put all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth

Tips 貼士:
Use ripe banana, slice it into chunks and freeze it. You may substitute kale with spinach