5-Minute Spicy Noodles with Almond Butter 麻辣杏仁醬拌麵

Craving for some hearty and comforting hot food for dinner after work? Tired of takeaway food, want to cook something quick but there’s nothing in the fridge? Maybe instant noodles but no that’s too unhealthy – this was how we created this Spicy Noodles with Almond Butter, and it’s truly a life saver! You can’t imagine how easy and quick this recipe is, and you can find all the ingredients in your cupboard. 
下班後回家已經很餓,厭倦了外賣,想在家煮些簡單食物,但打開冰箱什麼都沒有,又不想吃即食麵,太不健康了 這正是我們當時研發這個麻辣杏仁醬拌麵的情景。這個食譜非常簡單,5分鐘就可以煮好,而且所有材料都可以在廚櫃找到!
The Almond Butter here is so important that it doesn’t only add the extra nutty flavour, but also helps to create consistency and add extra creaminess to the sauce, makes it cling to your noodles. The almond butter also helps to balance the pungent taste of Mala sauce and makes it more mellow.
杏仁醬於這個食譜擔當非常重要的角色,除了添加堅果香氣,令醬汁更有層次外,它增加了醬汁的濃稠度,令其變得更香滑,更能掛於麵條上。而且杏仁醬有助中和麻辣醬的刺激感,令醬汁味道變得溫和順口 。
Ingredients 材料:
Non-fried Noodles 非油炸麵 – 1 pack 包
Sweet Soy Sauce 甜豉油 – 1.5 tbsp湯匙
Almond Butter 杏仁醬 – 1 tsp茶匙
Mala Sauce 麻辣醬 – 0.5 tsp茶匙
If you do not have sweet soy sauce at home, you can simply make it by mixing 1 tsp soy sauce, 0.5 tsp sugar & 1 tbsp hot water.
Method 做法:
  1. Mix sweet soy sauce, almond butter & mala sauce 於碗中混合甜豉油、杏仁醬及麻辣醬
  2. Boil noodles 煮熟麵條
  3. Stir the noodles to the mixed sauce 將麵條加到碗中與醬汁拌勻即可食用

You may also garnish your noodles with some sesame & green onions 可另外添加芝麻及蔥

Tips 貼士:
For noodles, we have tried the following brands and they all work well: Doshee Guan Miao Noodles (度小月關廟麵), Muji non-fried dry noodles, beetroot noodles.