Japanese Curry with Peanut Butter 日式花生醬咖喱

When cooking Japanese curry, I always add some 隠し味, i.e. hidden flavours, such as apple puree, mayonnaise, katsu sauce, chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter is a very popular choice too! It helps to enhance the flavour of curry, especially when you are making your curry with curry roux which tastes quite bland. Try adding a spoon of peanut butter to your curry next time and you will be surprised! 


Ingredients 材料

Chicken Thigh 雞腿肉 2pcs
Carrot 蘿蔔 1pc 
Onion 洋蔥 1pc
Curry Roux 咖喱磚 half box 半盒
Peanut Butter 花生醬 1tbsp 湯匙

Method 做法

1.  Slice chicken thigh, carrot & onion into chunk

2.  Heat sauce pan with oil, stir in onion & carrot and fry for a bit

3.  Add water according to the instruction of your curry roux, add chicken
4.  Cook until all ingredients are cooked & soft, turn off the heat and stir in curry roux
5.  When the curry roux is completely melted, add peanut butter and simmer for another 10 mins

Tips 貼士

Feel free to use any other vegetables. I also love adding an onsen egg on top!