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Pecan Butter


Pecan Butter 碧根果仁醬

Handcrafted with 100% American Pecan Nuts, our Pecan Butters are freshly made locally in a licensed facility every week, in order to bring out the rich natural flavours and retain all the nutritional goodness.

Our nut butters are simple but versatile, without adding any additives, not only does it bring you the health benefits, it also gives you the flexibility to tailor the nut buttes to match your own taste, depending on how you like them (e.g. by adding honey, sea salt, etc.)!

How to eat
-  On bread (we love spreading Pecan Butter on toast and top it with (i) sea salt or (ii) maple syrup & cinnamon powder!)
-  With granola, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, etc
-  For baking  - cookies, muffins, cakes, etc
-  As salad dressing or pasta sauce

Net Weight: 200g

Best Before Date: 6 months from manufacture

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight with lid sealed. Refrigeration not necessary. Oil separation may occur naturally as this product contains no emulsifiers or hardened fats. Stir content to restore creamy texture.


成份: 100%美國碧根果








  • 用作麵包抹醬:先於吐司上塗一層厚厚的碧根果醬,(i) 再加海鹽帶出果仁香; 或 (ii) 加少許楓糖漿,再灑上肉桂粉,味道仿如碧根果仁批
  • 拌乳酪、麥皮、奇亞籽布甸等等
  • 伴雪糕、蛋糕、窩夫、班㦸等等
  • 用作烹調沙律醬或其他醬汁 

碧根果好處:(i) 有助抗氧化,更被美國農業部USDA認證為頭15名最佳抗氧化食品之一 (ii) 營養豐富,含19種以上維他命及礦物質 (iii) 有助減重,能提升新陳代謝,幫助增加肌肉,提供能量,降低血糖,增加飽肚感,從而達到瘦身效果


誠品書店 - 銅鑼灣、太古城、尖沙咀、奧海城、荃灣及屯門店
無印良品 - 九龍灣店
叁拾士多 - 堅尼地城、荔枝角、觀塘及網店
Levain Bakery - 中環、灣仔及愉景灣店
Organic We - 旺角店
Blendit - 大角咀店
HKTVmall -
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