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Hazelnut Butter


Hazelnut Butter 榛子醬

Handcrafted with freshly roasted premium Italian hazelnuts with a dash of cashews, our Hazelnut Butter is so rich in flavour – nutty, earthy, with a hint of natural sweetness from the cashews.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, Cashews

How to eat
-  On bread, with fruit slices on top (try apple or figs!) or with smoked salmon
-  With granola, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, etc
-  For baking  - cookies, muffins, cakes, etc
-  As salad dressing or pasta sauce

Net Weight: 200g

Best Before Date: 9 months from manufacture. Once opened, consume within 3-6 months for the best taste

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight with lid sealed. Refrigeration not necessary. Oil separation may occur naturally as this product contains no emulsifiers or hardened fats. Stir content to restore creamy texture.



成份: 榛子、腰果







  • 用作麵包抹醬,可另外再配水果,如蘋果或無花果,亦可配煙三文魚
  • 拌乳酪、麥皮等等
  • 用於烘焙 (蛋糕、曲奇)或煮食(意粉、沙律、涼拌菜式)
  • 伴雪糕、蛋糕、窩夫等等

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