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【NEW】Black Sesame Butter


【Upgraded Black Sesame Butter】 Love the rich aroma but not the bitterness of natural Black Sesame Butter? Our own blend of Black Sesame Butter has just made your dream come true! Using top-quality Black Sesame Seeds that are unbeatably rich from a Japanese sesame manufacturer with 100+ years of history, along with premium Vietnamese Cashews to balance the bitterness with its natural sweetness and a dash of Peanuts (less than 5%) to bring out the aroma of sesames, our Black Sesame Butter is a total game changer!

If you’ve tried our Black Sesame Butter from our 2023 New Year Nut Butter Trio, you will be amazed by how much richer this upgraded version is. We met with the owner of the sesame manufacturer from Japan and together we developed a secret recipe to further enhance the richness of our Sesame Butter, so here it is – the ultimate Black Sesame Butter!

Shelf Life: 9 months from manufacture. Once opened, consume within 3-6 months for the best taste.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Oil separation may occur naturally, stir contents to restore creamy texture.


The Nutter Company自家調配的全新黑芝麻醬無添加糖或任何添加劑,但仍做到甘香而不苦澀,秘訣在於使用日本過百年老字號品牌優質黑芝麻,配以腰果增加天然甜味,以及微量花生(少於5%)提升香氣,美味富層次卻不減健康。




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