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Are your products made locally in Hong Kong?

Do you add any sugar, palm oil, fats or preservatives?

Where do you source your ingredients?

Why is there oil on top of the jar? Do you add oil?

Where can I buy your products?

What else can I do with my nut butters apart from spreading them on toast?

What is the shelf life of your nut butters?

What are the product sizes?

Are you products Gluten Free and Vegan?

I have an Allergy to Peanuts and/or other nuts, can I still consume our products?

Does your company do customised orders?

I am a retail outlet and would like to sell your product at our shop.

Is our nut butters suitable for dairy intolerant people?


Once my order has been placed when can I expect my nut butter?

Where do you guys deliver?

How much is delivery fee?

Do you ship overseas?

Payment and Return policy

How do I pay?

Return policy



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