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We teamed up with Artista Perfetto (AP), a local specialty coffee brand, to launch a Coffee x Nut Butter Pairing Set in Christmas 2021. The drip bags were exclusively designed & produced by AP for our nut butters, and the feedback was very positive! A lot of you requested to have the drip bags sold individually, so here you are - enjoy your breakfast with our nut butter together with a nice cup of coffee!

Honduras Pacas Natural Drip Bag
Light Medium Roast

Umeboshi | Macadamia | Barley Tea

The Honduras Pacas Natural is a single origin coffee with a light medium roast to amplify its Umeboshi & Barley Tea aroma. You can also taste the sweetness of its nutty flavour and round mouthfeel with naturally processed beans.

Old Fashioned Blend
Medium Dark Roast
Maple Syrup | Caramel | Cocoa | Smoky & Buttery

The classic medium dark roast Old Fashioned Blend has a smoky aroma and notes of caramel & maple syrup, with a buttery mouthfeel and complex cocoa flavour, its complexity and richness are simply astonishing.

Brewing Note
Take out the drip bag and tear along the dotted line. Shake it lightly to level, place the hangers onto cup. Slowly pour hot water through for 4-5 times (50ml per pour).

Water Temperature:
84-88˚C for Old Fashioned Blend
88-92˚C for Honduras Pacas Natural

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