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【Christmas Special】Berrynut Chocolate

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Berrynut Chocolate 士多啤梨朱古力杏仁醬

Berrynut Chocolate is The Nutter Company’s 2020 Christmas Limited product, available from late Nov to Dec only. Made of freshly roasted almonds, chocolate & lots of freeze-dried strawberries, the balance is just perfect with a sophisticated flavour profile – nutty, rich, refreshing, tangy and luscious. Indulge yourself this festive season with our Berrynut Chocolate, by simply eating it from the jar! 

Ingredients: Almonds, Chocolate & Freeze-dried Strawberries

Net Weight: 200g

Best Before Date: 6 months from manufacture

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight with lid sealed. Refrigeration not necessary. Oil separation may occur naturally as this product contains no emulsifiers or hardened fats. Stir content to restore creamy texture.

士多啤梨朱古力杏仁醬是The Nutter Company 2020年聖誕期間限定口味。每一瓶醬包含相等於160克新鮮士多啤梨分量的有機冷凍乾燥士多啤梨,莓味特濃。除了配麵包或甜點,亦可直接用匙羹舀來吃,堅果香氣濃郁口感豐富,士多啤梨清新微酸,朱古力香滑,味道平衡得剛剛好,會讓人忍不住一口接一口吃。

成份: 杏仁、朱古力、冷凍乾燥士多啤梨









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