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【 Christmas 2022】Christmas Nut Butter Trio


At this most wonderful time of the year, indulge yourself as you wake up with our festive selection of Christmas limited nut butters - The Christmas Blend to spice up your days, Berrynut Chocolate for a delightful extravagance, and Biscuits & Nuts to satisfy your sweet cravings. Enjoy these freshly handcrafted nut butters with toasts, yogurt bowls, desserts or straight from the jar.

Each Christmas Nut Butter Trio Set includes:

(i) Berrynut Chocolate (100g x 1)
Each jar of Berrynut Chocolate contains organic freeze dried strawberries that is equivalent to 80g of fresh strawberries, together with freshly roasted premium almonds and a dash of chocolate, this jar of gem is packed with flavours and is the ultimate indulgent.

(ii) The Christmas Blend (100g x 1)
Cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, pecans, almonds…our 2022 Christmas limited spread has all you crave for this holiday season and will easily elevate any food with a Christmas twist. From toasts, canapés, desserts, to charcuterie board, have fun and experiment it with different combinations!

(iii) Biscuits & Nuts (100g x 1)
Made of freshly roasted Italian hazelnuts & Belgian caramelised biscuits, this Biscuits & Nuts spread is incredibly rich and luscious! What we like most about it? Definitely its unique texture - the crunchy hazelnut bits and crispy biscuit crumbs simply make it irresistibly addictive!

Shelf Life:
9 months from manufacture. Once opened, consume within 3-6 months for the best taste
Store in a cool dry place. Oil separation may occur naturally, stir contents to restore creamy texture.

The Nutter Company今年的聖誕禮盒繼續由本地設計工作室innoise設計,並由本地印刷公司負責印刷,製作出造工細緻的包裝。

禮盒以”Believe in the Magic of Christmas”為設計意念,封面以三款富節日氣氛的插畫為主題,打開盒蓋就會發現驚喜,內裡的三個小盒子各自描繪了封面主題的小秘密,而每個盒子則藏著我們準備的聖誕美食。



(i) 聖誕香料果仁醬 The Christmas Blend

以杏仁及碧根果為基底,配以蘋果、肉桂、肉荳蔻等節日食材,味道酸甜甘香,帶豐富香料香氣,配搭任何食品均能增添濃厚的聖誕氣氛。除了配麵包、甜品,這款果仁醬亦可用來配搭不同派對小食,搭配Charcuterie Board與芝士及火腿同吃亦相當適合。

(ii) 士多啤梨朱古力杏仁醬 Berrynut Chocolate


(iii) 焦糖脆餅榛子醬 Biscuits & Nuts



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