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2023 New Year Nut Butter Trio


We are bringing you this 2023 New Year Nut Butter Trio for the Year of the Rabbit! A new year is the best time to make fresh new beginnings. This year, make a resolution to be yourself and be kind to yourself – eat well, play well, and be surrounded by the people you love, just like the rabbits on our gift box!

The Nutter Company x Hong Kong Rabbit Society

At the same time, we hope to take this opportunity to raise the public’s attention on rabbit’s welfare. Rabbits are surely adorable - they don’t just look cute, they are also very loving and could become your best companion if you give them enough love and care. However, hundreds of rabbits are still being abandoned every year. To mark the start of this new year, we are collaborating with Hong Kong Rabbit Society (“HKRS”), and will be donating HK$10 to HKRS for every set of this 2023 New Year Nut Butter Trio sold.

Each 2023 New Year Nut Butter Trio includes:

(i) Sesame Butter 100g

Our own blend of Sesame Butter – premium organic black sesame with cashews for natural sweetness, and a dash of peanuts for extra nuttiness, it’s simply divine!

(ii) Pistachio Butter 100g

One of our bestselling nut butters. Each mini jar of Pistachio Butter contains over 100 lightly roasted American pistachio nuts – no wonder why it is so addictive!

(iii) Cashew Butter 100g

Made of 100% cashews, our Cashew Butter has a mellow natural sweetness with a rich and smooth texture, you can feel the joy the moment you take your first bite!

Shelf Life:
9 months from manufacture. Once opened, consume within 3-6 months for the best taste
Store in a cool dry place. Oil separation may occur naturally, stir contents to restore creamy texture.

2023年為兔年,The Nutter Company特意準備了一套以兔子為主題的新年果仁醬禮盒。以活潑可愛的兔子,春意盎然的花海,加上清新配色,寓意迎春接福,祝大家於新的一年有新開始。內盒三款兔子各有不同動靜:睡午覺、玩耍、進食 – 也希望大家於2023年能同樣盡情享受生活。

The Nutter Company x 香港兔友協會

同時,我們希望於兔年喚起大家對兔子的關注,減少兔子被遺棄或虐待個案。因此,我們與香港兔友協會合作,The Nutter Company每售賣一套2023新年果仁醬禮盒即會捐贈HK$10予兔協,幫助被遺棄的兔子。


黑芝麻醬 100g *2023新產品

自家調配全新黑芝麻醬 - 市面的純黑芝麻醬一般毫無甜味帶苦澀,很多人認為較難接受。我們的特調黑芝麻醬使用日本老字號品牌有機黑芝麻,加入腰果增加天然甜味,以及少量花生提升香氣,美味富層次卻不減健康。

開心果醬 100g


腰果醬 100g








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