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2022 LNY Mini Nut Butter Set


Three is the magic number, and the Latin phrase “Omne Trium Perfectum” means “Good Things Come in Threes”. This Lunar New Year, we are bringing you this gift set including three freshly handcrafted nut butters, together with our blessings through three auspicious motifs – Pine, Bamboo & Plum (also known as “Three Friends of Winter”), wishing you a Healthy and Happy Year of the Tiger!

What makes our it a perfect gift for Lunar New Year?

It brings so much fun and surprises at gatherings - try matching the 3 nut butters with different snacks, and here are some combos we love:

🎍Walnut Butter x Pancakes / Crisps
🎍Cashew Butter x Turnip Cakes (with XO sauce)
🎍Berrynut Chocolate x Ice Cream

Both of our walnut butter & cashew butter are made of 100% nuts only, making them so rich & delicious, and are also great for kids & the elderly - it’s like eating nuts but in paste form that you don’t have to chew!


This beautiful set is designed by Innoise, a local creative studio, and all the boxes & labels are produced locally in Hong Kong - from paper dyeing, printing, to box production. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

“三” 是個奇妙的數字,三陽開泰,三三不盡,拉丁語中更有一句著名的諺語“Omne Trium Perfectum”,意思是“三即是完美”⋯⋯因此,來到新的一年,我們特別以“三”為題,製作了包含三款果仁醬的禮盒套裝,同時藉著歲寒三友“松。竹。梅”的寓意,為你送上一份祝福,祈願在新的一年大家都能擁有一個健康快樂的新開始。



🎍合桃醬 x 班㦸/薯片
🎍腰果醬 x 蘿蔔糕 (配XO醬)
🎍士多啤梨朱古力杏仁醬 x 雪糕


(i) Walnut Butter 合桃醬 (100g)
May this 2022 new flavour bring you a new start to the year! Handcrafted with quality American walnuts, with a dash of cashews to complement the nuttiness of walnuts, this Walnut Butter is simply addictive! Walnuts symbolise happiness of the entire family in Chinese and we hope to share this blessing with you.
2022年全新口味 - 優質美國核桃香氣濃郁,配以少量腰果以提升合桃香味及增添甜味之餘,亦保留了合桃令上人癮的淡淡甘香。合桃寓意和睦,我們希望借此為你送上祝福。

(ii) Berrynut Chocolate 士多啤梨朱古力杏仁醬 (100g)
Each jar of Berrynut Chocolate contains organic freeze dried strawberries that is equivalent to 80g of fresh strawberries, together with freshly roasted premium almonds and a dash of chocolate, this jar of gem is packed with flavours and is the ultimate indulgent. Start your year with this luscious happiness!

(iii) Cashew Butter 腰果醬 (100g)
Made of 100% cashews that are freshly roasted in Hong Kong and then grounded into nut butters, this Cashew Butter has a mellow sweetness with a rich and smooth texture, you will feel contented the moment you take your first bite! Cashews symbolise happiness and we wish you a year full of smiles like cashews.

Shelf Life 食用期限:9 months from manufacture. Once opened, consumer within 3-6 months for the best taste. 製造起計9個月,開封後於3-6個月內食用以享受最佳味道
Storage 貯藏方式: Store in a cool dry place. Oil separation may occur naturally, stir contents to restore creamy texture. 開封後不需冷藏。油醬分離現象為正常現象,每次食用前請先徹底攪勻。

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