【 2021 Christmas 】Mini Nut Butter Set
The Nutter Company

【 2021 Christmas 】Mini Nut Butter Set

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This Christmas Mini Nut Butter Set features 3 heavenly delectable nut butters (100g each) from The Nutter Company. Indulge yourself as you wake up, be spoiled like a child and enjoy a magical Christmas.

Biscuits & Nuts
This 2021 Christmas Limited flavour is just like Christmas in a jar! Made of Italian hazelnuts & caramelised biscuits, it is incredibly rich and luscious, with a dash of crunchy biscuit bits that brings extra joy to eat!

PAC Butter
A natural nut butter blend that is made of Pecans, Almonds and Cashews with the perfect ratio that could bring out the character of each nuts, have them complement each other and elevate the overall flavour & texture. How does it taste like? Tremendously nutty with a hint of natural sweetness!

Pistachio Butter
One of our bestselling nut butters – you can never go wrong with our Pistachio Butter. Made of 100% lightly roasted American Pistachio, it has a delightful aroma with a creamy texture that is incredibly addictive!

Shelf Life: 9 months from manufacture

The Nutter Company 在這年聖誕為大家準備了特別的驚喜,我們聯合本地設計工作室innoise製作了全新的“Believe in the Magic of Christmas” 聖誕禮盒系列,包裝設計除了饒富童話氣息的夢幻,同時亦糅合了我們對聖誕的寄望與幻想,希望藉此傳遞當中的平靜和愉悅給你。

這款聖誕迷你果仁醬禮盒包括三款本年推出的果仁醬,當中焦糖脆餅榛子醬更是本年聖誕限定口味!我們亦同時為三款口味全部換上新裝,希望為這個節日添上一抹甜蜜的氣氛,願你也擁有專屬於你的Magical Christmas!

聖誕迷你果仁醬禮盒內含三款果仁醬 (各100g),均為2021年推出的產品,包括:

(i) Biscuit & Nuts | 焦糖脆餅榛子醬
2021年聖誕期間限定口味 – 以焦糖脆餅配合榛子研磨成醬,味道香甜濃郁,帶焦糖香氣,口感獨特,能同時享受到榛子粒粒及焦糖餅脆粒兩款不同的脆,是一款非常適合聖誕的果仁醬。

(ii) PAC Butter | 三重果仁醬
於2021年9月推出 – PAC三重果仁醬以碧根果、腰果及杏仁調製而成,果仁選擇及比例經反覆研究,三款果仁均完美發揮其優點,提升整體味道及口感,配搭出獨一無二的果仁醬。

(iii) Pistachio Butter | 開心果醬

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