【 2021 Christmas 】Coffee x Nut Butter Pairing Set
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【 2021 Christmas 】Coffee x Nut Butter Pairing Set

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This Christmas, The Nutter Company has teamed up with Artista Perfetto, a local specialty coffee brand, to bring you an exquisite coffee x nut butter pairing experience. Artista Perfetto has designed and produced two different coffee drip bags exclusively for two of our nut butters bring you two very distinctively astonishing sensory experience!

(i) Old Fashioned Blend Drip Bag x Biscuits & Nuts
A rich and complex pairing that will dazzle your senses

How the Magic works: The classic medium dark roast Old Fashioned Blend has a smoky aroma and notes of caramel & maple syrup, with a buttery mouthfeel and complex cocoa flavour, its complexity and richness are simply astonishing. When enjoyed with the incredibly rich and luscious Biscuits & Nuts together, the overall richness of flavour & texture of both the coffee & spread are magically enhanced that will excite your palate!

How to Enjoy: With a rich and satisfying all day breakfast - bacon, sausage, fried egg, a thick slice of toast…you can even add a dash of milk to the coffee!
(ii) Honduras Pacas Natural Drip Bag x PAC Butter
A comforting pairing that will sooth your senses

How the Magic works: The Honduras Pacas Natural is a single origin coffee with a light medium roast to amplify its Umeboshi & Barley Tea aroma. You can also taste the sweetness of its nutty flavour and round mouthfeel with naturally processed beans. When enjoyed with our PAC Butter that is made of Pecans, Almonds & Cashews only, which is tremendously nutty with a hint of natural sweetness, the coffee & nut butter complement and elevate each other’s aroma & flavour, bringing an overall light and comforting pairing experience that will sooth your senses.

How to Enjoy: With a simple light meal to brighten up your day – a slice of sourdough, fruits or yogurt.

2021年聖誕,The Nutter Company 與咖啡品牌 Artista Perfetto 特別聯乘推出一款咖啡 x 果仁醬聖誕禮盒。咖啡師特地為 The Nutter Company 兩款果仁醬分別獨家調配兩款限定咖啡掛耳包,創作出兩款感覺截然不同的組合,讓你感受果仁醬配上合適的咖啡將如何提升兩者味道及層次,體驗獨一無二的享受。

(i) 焦糖脆餅榛子醬 x Old Fashioned Blend

Old Fashioned Blend 是一款經典的綜合咖啡拼配,中深度烘焙令咖啡帶有煙燻及焦糖香氣,豐厚的油潤口感加上複雜的可可豆風味,絕對適合喜歡甘香濃厚的咖啡愛好者,再配上味道濃厚香甜,口感極富層次的焦糖脆餅榛子醬,兩者不同的濃厚感覺互相增強味道及口感層次上的衝擊,適合配搭上豐富的全日早餐。

(ii) PAC 三重果仁醬 x Honduras Pacas Natural

較常出現漬梅子味道的 Honduras Pacas 品種以中淺烘焙,除了可突出前中段漬梅子及麥茶香氣,其日曬處理法更能加強果仁及榛子的甜度與順滑感,配上100%以果仁製成,味道天然原始的PAC三重果仁醬,兩者融合令互相的香氣及味道昇華,非常適合配以簡單輕食。


  • Biscuits & Nuts 焦糖脆餅榛子醬 100g x 1 pc
  • PAC Butter PAC三重果仁醬 100g x 1 pc
  • Old Fashioned Blend 咖啡掛耳包 x 2 pcs
  • Honduras Pacas Natural 咖啡掛耳包 x 2 pcs

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