Recipe — overnight oats

Pecan Butter & Cinnamon Overnight Oats 碧根果仁醬肉桂隔夜燕麥

cinnamon overnight oats pecan butter

It’s October! Time for some autumn indulgence🍂🍁Try this Pecan Butter & Cinnamon Overnight Oats which is soooo easy to make! We didn’t add any sweeteners but used a ripe banana for the sweetness you will need 開始入秋但天氣都仲係好熱,呢個碧根果肉桂隔夜燕麥 (Overnight Oats) 有秋天氣息之餘🍂食落涼浸浸,最啱而家呢個天氣食!而且健康得嚟又夠香,仲完全冇落糖,甜味就係來自一隻熟香蕉🍌所以食落微甜又夠清新唔肥。而且超級容易整,前一晚準備好,第二朝起身整3分鐘就有得食! Ingredients:Instant Rolled OatsOat MilkGround CinnamonPecan ButterBananaFigGranola Method: The night before: Place oats in a bowl and pour oat milk until it has just covered the oats, refrigerate it overnight In the morning: Smash half a banana into the oats, stir well. Slice the other half of banana and cut up the figs. Top your overnight oats with fruits, add a...

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